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We are the bridge to the digital divide

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The Hendricks Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to fight climate change and tech inequity in every nation. We take your e-waste and turn it into usable computers for students who cannot afford to buy them. By fostering and guiding local youth community leaders, we have been able to build strong and impactful networks with those in need. Together we have been able to spread digital equity across the world.

You are the change

Bring Digital Equity To All

Our Global Impact

Learn more about the issues we have dedicated our mission to.


The E-Waste Epidemic

50 million tons of e-waste are thrown out each year. See how affects our climate and why we must act now.


Global Digital Access

Over two thirds of earth's students lack access to the digital world. See how this affects all of us.


Youth Community Impact

Young change makers around the world are making a difference. See how this generation will make equity the reality


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